Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun

Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun

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Feature and advantage:

  • The high voltage module is near to the nozzle, power saved, replaceable high voltage fitting which is convenience for repairmen.
  • Stainless barrel, can easily disassembled and clean without any tools
  • Rotating atomized airflow greatly improves spraying quality
  • The intuitive and reasonable two flow meter shows the powder supply
  • We choice of large flow of pneumatic components so even in the smaller air pressure, it can still achieve higher powder spraying
  • Two-way central gas design,so that the pole needle fluid no longer powder,Strengthen the discharge effect, improve the powder rate
Technical Features:
  • Electronic technical data sheet
  • Input voltage: AC200 ~ 250V
  • Input power: 50W
  • Operating voltage: DC12 / 24V
  • Output voltage: 0-100KV (continuously adjustable)
  • Output current: 0-120uA
  • Input pressure: 4-8kg / m3
  • Maximum powder: 600g / min
  • Maximum air consumption: 25m3 / h
  • Security standard: IP60 host