Air Spray Robot

Air Spray Robot

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In Air Spray Robot, the sprayer depends on low pressure air to enable the paint spray on the muzzle post the generation of atomized airflow on the object’s surface such as wall or wood surface. Also known as low pressure air spray, it is equipped with gas spray connected to the hand brush marks and in which the plane is comparatively uniform. The unit working time is of short which can successfully shorten the duration. However, due to air spray splash phenomenon there is the risk of paint wastage as in close view the surface looks smeared with fine particles. Air Spray Robot is suitable for general spray coating industry in combination with a common air compressor, which is a multi-purpose low investment option.


  • Good flexibility
  • Can be achieved on the surface and at the outer surface of the spray
  • Activity radius is flexible
  • Enable achieving a variety of models of mixed production like cars, pickup trucks, station wagons and others
  • Helps in improving the quality of spray and material usage
  • Reduce amount of over-spray and consumption of cleaning solvent while improving material utilization
  • Profiling spray trajectory precise and improve the uniformity of coating and other appearance of spray quality
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be programmed offline, greatly reducing the on-site commissioning time
  • The equipment utilization rate is high.